Kirk: Gamemaster with over 30 years experience in various games from Dungeons & Dragons to Exalted.
Julie: RPG gamer, video gamer (PC), board gamer, mother, coder and voice on Fear the Boot podcast.
Mary: RPG gamer of multiple formats, video gamer (PC and Console), Jeep owner, sculptor of fine teeth, mother to several fur-babies.
Seth: RPGer, father of two, video gamer (console) and expert woodworker.
Greg: Fellow Gamemaster for over 30 years, video gamer (all formats), composer, musician and creator of the Werewolf theme music.

Other Links

Obsidian Portal is a great tool for game masters and players. You can post some stuff as a free account but you can post a lot more as a paying customer. Well worth it.
Fear the Boot is a podcast on the finer points of role-playing. They have been up and running for many years now so they have tackled about every subject you can think of related to running a game or playing in a game. Julie is often a host on the podcast. If you want to take your game to the next level, I highly recommend you give them a listen.
DriveThruRPG is probably keeping the gaming market afloat these days. It offers most games out of print on PDF's and print on demand books. They also give small presses a chance to get off the ground. Please visit this site to purchase your copy of the games we are playing. 
Onyx Path Publishing has taken over printing classic White Wolf products and is currently the producer of role-playing games such as Vampire, Werewolf, Exalted, Trinity, Scarred Lands, Pugmire and Cavaliers of Mars.
White Wolf started a revolution in RPG gaming back in the late 80's with the publication of Vampire the Masquerade. They shifted the focus of gaming into the realm of storytelling. White Wolf followed up with Werewolf the Apocalypse, Mage the Gathering and other lines that put the player in the role of the "monster" with normal humans becoming the background.